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Policy Speech by New Prime Minister


11 June, 2010         Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet

Following the stepping down of former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama on June 4th, Naoto Kan was named Japan’s new prime minister. Mr. Kan made his first policy speech at the 174th Session of the Diet. Prime minister Kan made remarks on the issue of climate change in his Foreign Policy and National Security Policy remark as follows:

“Japan will also play an active role in the area of global issues. Japan will take the lead in international negotiations on climate change issues in cooperation with the United States, the EU and the United Nations in working towards COP16, so as to establish a fair and effective international framework in which all major economies participate. This autumn, at COP10, to be held in Nagoya, we will advance international efforts to preserve biological diversity.”

Referring to Japan’s relationship with Asia, Mr. Kan made remarks on his intention to strengthen the relationship with Asian countries in the areas of political, economical, cultural, and other fields, which was initially mentioned by former Prime Minister Hatoyama. The complete version of his policy speech can be accessed on the following website.

Source: Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet

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