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19 July 2011
Philippines 2nd Philippine Energy Efficiency Forum 2011 will be Held in July 2011  http://www.eccp.com/calendar-page.php?category=1&cal_id=37
20 May 2011
APEC Peer Review on Energy Efficiency (PREE) on Malaysia and Peru Published  http://www.ieej.or.jp/aperc/PREE.html
Dated May 20, Apec Peer Revies on Energy Efficiency (PREE) was published on Malaysia and Peru. The latest policies and programs of these countries are summarized with policy recommendation made by the APEC working group(EWG). This APEC Peer Review on Energy Efficiency (PREE) was established in response these directives.
The PREE process was proposed by Japan and endorsed by the APEC Energy Working Group (EWG) at the EWG 35 meeting in Iquitos, Peru in 2008. Each PREE Peer Review focuses on the energy efficiency of a single in volunteer APEC member economy, referred to as the host economy. The work is carried out by a Review Team of experts from other member economies and international institutions jointly selected by the host economy and APERC.
16 May 2011
China Published the "List of National Prioritized Energy Saving Technologies - 4th version" (* Chinese only)
National Development and Reform Commission of China will publish the "List of National Prioritized Energy Saving Technologies - 4th version". For this to be complete, the Commission informed the related organizations to list and recommend the lates energy saving technologies. The target area is coal, electricity, steel, oil, petrochemical industry, building material,machinery, spinning, transport, etc.
Apr. 2011
Vietnam Electricity and Fuel Price Up Starting from April 2011
8 Apr. 2011
ASEAN 2011 ASEAN Energy Awards (AEA) Held in Singapore
25 Mar. 2011
Indonesia Seminar on Energy Audit: Sharing Experiences and Institutional Development of Energy Audit in Indonesia
12 May 2011
Korea 'Yellow Alert' Saves Enough Energy to Power 1 Million Homes
4 May 2011
New Zealand $1.46 million to help smaller companies improve energy use and boost competitiveness
30 April 2011
Vietnam Power consuming devices shall be forced to be labeled
5 April 2011
Indonesia PLN Gives Incentive to Business Subscribers able in Managing Electricity Consumption
31 March 2011
Philippines DOE Steps Up Government Energy Management Program
30 March 2011
India BEE Launches Endorsement Labels for Notebooks, Laptops
10-11Nov. 2010
APEC Japan Ministerial Meeting, Yokohama
Joint Statement (PDF152KB).
<Refer to P.12 Energy Security>
9 Nov. 2010
IEA Publishes Latest World Energy Outlook (2010 edition)
1 Nov. 2010
Australia Program for energy efficient buildings launched
25 Oct. 2010
Vietnam Mitsubishi to help Vietnam reduce energy consumption
16 August 2010
India Indian Voluntary EE Label Now Applies to Washing Machine
Content: Indian voluntary energy efficiency labeling program now includes washing machine. Target products of Indian voluntary and mandatory energy efficiency program are as follows:
Mandatory Labeling Program (4 products): Frost-Free (No-Frost) Refrigerator, Room Air-Conditioner, Tubular Fluorescent Lamp, Distribution Transformer
Voluntary Labeling Program (8 products): Direct Cool Refrigerator, Induction Motor, Agricultural Pump Set, Color TV, Ceiling Fan, Electric Geyser, Liquefied Petroleum Gas Stove, Washing Machine
Source: BEE Bureau of Energy Efficiency
21 July 2010
ASEAN The 28th ASEAN Ministers on Energy Meeting and the 28th ASEAN Energy Forum
Content: The 28th ASEAN Ministers on Energy Meeting passed the Action Program on ASEAN Energy Cooperation 2010-2011.
Source: Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade
6 July 2010
Philippines Preparing Electric Cooperatives and Distribution Utilities in Mindanao for the CFL Distribution
5 July 2010
China NDRC and Other Departments Issued Popularization Catalog for Energy Efficient Cars
2 July 2010
Indonesia Cost of Energy : The electricity price hike has two different indication angles, both for consumers and producers. For consumers…
24 June 2010
Vietnam Parliament Adopted the Law on Energy Saving and Efficiency
1 June 2010
China China to Subsidize Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Car Purchases
6 May 2010
Thailand DEDE Enforces 125% Tax Break for Users of Energy Saving Appliances
3 May 2010
EU 500 Cities Pledge to Reduce CO2 by More than 20%
29 Apr. 2010
Singapore Forty Nine Companies from Energy Intensive Industries Pledge to Improve Energy Efficiency as part of Energy Efficiency National Partnership Programme
22 Apr. 2010
IPEEC/IEA IPEEC Workshop on Energy Efficiency Indicator, Held at IEA
21 Apr. 2010
US US ENERGY STAR Program Seeks Severer Product Approval Process (link to external website)
Apr. 2010
IEA IEA Publishes Report on CFL Policy and Market Prospect including Korea, Philipines, Thailand, India, China, Japan,etc. http://www.iea.org/publications/free_new_Desc.asp?PUBS_ID=2256
19 Mar. 2010
Hong Kong Hong Kong's Energy Labelling Scheme Extended
1 Feb. 2010
China Four Types of Product Shall Apply to the Energy Label from March 2010 in China
27 Jan. 2010
Indea/IEA Joint INDIA(BEE)-IEA Workshop on Industrial Energy Efficiency, Held in New Delhi
1 Jan. 2010
India BEE Star Label is Now Mandatory
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