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Energy Conservation Measures for
Household Appliances
17 November 2006
Kazuto Ogasawara

1. Measures to Improve Device Efficiency

The importance of the roles played by
manufacturers and importers
  • If manufacturers fail to produce products that use less energy, consumers cannot purchase such energy-efficient products.
  • The introduction of schemes such as the "Top Runner" program has stimulated efforts by manufacturers and others, with the result that the efficiency of individual products has been greatly improved and there is now a wide range of energy-efficient products on the market.

Source:Survey conducted by the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) Japan Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association Standards
Source: Based on JRA4046 (Procedure for Calculating Annual Power Consumption in Room Air Conditioners)

The Top Runner Program
  • Based on the Energy Conservation Law, energy conservation standards have been set for household appliances and automobiles under the Top Runner program, and manufacturers are obliged to comply with those standards. Manufacturers failing to meet those standards will first be provided with recommendations, followed by public disclosure, then explicit orders to follow the recommendations, and finally fines (not exceeding 1 million yen).
  • As of fiscal 2006, the standards apply to a number of new devices, including LCD and plasma TVs and heavy vehicles, bringing the total to 21 devices in all.

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