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ECCJ / Text Report India

Training program in Japan on Energy Conservation for India

Overview of Presentation
  • Definition of ESCO in Japan
  • The step of market development of ESCO industry in Japan
  • Market size of ESCO industry
  • Activities of JAESCO
  • Conclusion Overview

Definition of ESCO
    ESCOs contributes to customer's benefit as well as protection of global environment, by entering into the energy service contract on which comprehensive service is offered for energy conservation and attainment of a specific target of energy savings is guaranteed.

Characteristics of ESCO
  • Compensate all expenses with reduction of energy cost
  • Guaranteeing attainment of energy savings target by performance contract
  • Offering comprehensive services beginning with energy saving audit and concluding with maintenance of energy efficient equipment after planning and construction
  • Achieving high level of energy savings by intensive Measurement & Verification (M&V)
  • Adjustment of new financing environment

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