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ECCJ / Text Report India

Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings / Facilities

Sectoral Energy Consumption

Electricity Use in Commercial Sector

Energy Conservation Building Codes
  • ECBC was launched by Govt. of India on 27.5.2007
  • Mandatory Scope Covers commercial buildings
  • Applies to New Construction only
  • Building components included
    • Building Envelope (Walls, Roofs, Windows)
    • Lighting (Indoor and Outdoor)
    • Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) System
    • Solar Water Heating and Pumping
    • Electrical Systems (Power Factor, Transformers)
  • Potential to save 1.7 billion units annually on mandatory application
  • Expected reduction in XI plan is 500 MW

Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings
  • There is vast scope for energy efficiency improvement in buildings/ existing facilities.
  • Energy Audit Studies have revealed a savings potential to the extent of 40% in end use such as lighting, cooling, ventilation, refrigeration etc.
  • Audits identify the Energy baselines in existing facilities along with Energy Efficiency Measures.

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