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Characteristics of ESCO
  • Compensate all expenses with reduction of energy cost
  • Guaranteeing attainment of energy savings target by performance contract
  • Offering comprehensive services beginning with energy saving audit and concluding with maintenance of energy efficient equipment after planning and construction
  • Achieving high level of energy savings by intensive Measurement & Verification (M&V)
  • Adjustment of new financing environment

Repaying a part of generated cost savings as compensations to ESCOs

Concept of ESCO business and Performance Contracting

Performance contract integrate the ESCO concept
  • ESCO guarantees compensate all expenses with reduction of energy cost by performance contract
  • Provide comprehensive proposal
    • more opportunity of business extend
    • necessary of choose the most beneficial technique for customers
  • Intensive M&V
    • maintain initial energy efficiency performance in a long term
  • Adjustment of new financing environment
    • risk hedge for financial institutions

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