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Energy Conservation Activities in Local Government

Major Duties and Functions of Regional Bureaus
  1. Thorough publicity and steady implementation of energy conservation activities based on the Energy Conservation Law
    • 1) Publicity
      2) Consultation service various inquiries
      3) Designation of energy management factories and specific shippers
      4) Acceptance of various legal notification forms
      5) Examination of periodic reports, etc.
      6) Implementation of on-site inspection
  2. Support of energy policy activities in the municipal governments
    (Planning of energy conservation vision)
  3. Energy conservation diffusion activities

  1. Outline of Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry
  2. Relations with Head Quarters (METI)
  3. Functions of Regional Bureaus

Outline of METI-Kanto   (Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and  Industry)

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