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January 11, 2005
International Workshop on Energy Conservation Technology for Buildings


Research Group on Energy Conservation in Buildings, Department of Technology
The Energy Conservation Center, Japan ECCJ

Energy consumption in Japan, particularly in the sector of business buildings, is steeply increasing while the whole nation, on the other hand, is actively at work to meet the challenge of achieving the target of reducing total greenhouse gas emissions by 6% from the 1990 level over the commitment period 2008-2012 as provided in the Kyoto Protocol.

In view of these circumstances, Our Group has been researching into actual energy consumption in business buildings throughout the nation as a part of conditioning for furthering energy conservation. Quantitative analysis has also been conducted to see the effects of some energy conservation measures, which have been tested in actual business buildings. As a result, we could verify that substantial energy conservation is still achievable in those buildings and in addition, we could obtain useful pieces of knowledge. On the other hand, we have developed a variety of software tools to support energy management and made them public.

This workshop aims to afford participants a better understanding of the techniques for energy management and conservation being applied in Japanese business buildings in accordance with the Energy Conservation Law. It is also intended to help participants learn about how to make a preliminary evaluation of energy-conservation effects when energy conservation is to be achieved using the Energy Consumption Specific Unit Management Tool (ESUMT), which is support software for this purpose. Additionally, participants will get information on how to write documents related to compulsory overall inspections to be made in association with energy management, how to organize machine register database and perform information analysis making use of the Energy Management Support Tool (EMST), another program developed by the ECCJ for energy accumulation/tabulation by division based on equipment operating capacity and running time.

Further, it is discussed at the workshop that trends in energy consumption vary depending upon the type of building, i.e., office buildings, commercial buildings, hotels and hospitals have their characteristic energy consumption trends respectively and that therefore, possibilities for energy saving must be considered in different ways. And finally, participants will study specific cases of tuning for energy conservation that allows appropriate adjustments in the operation phase of equipment.

The program of the workshop is comprised of two parts as outlined below:

Part 1 - Issues regarding the Energy Conservation Law of Japan

  • Trends in energy consumption
  • Outline of the Amended Energy Conservation Law
  • Formalities pursuant to the Energy Conservation Law
  • Compulsory overall inspections and the Energy Management Support Tool
  • The Energy Consumption Specific Unit Management Tool

Part 2 - Issues regarding the Energy Conservation Technology for Buildings

  • Characteristics of energy consumption by building type and possibilities for energy conservation
  • Energy conservation technology for buildings
  • The following are expected as participants in this international workshop:
  • Building facilities administrators and energy managers of office buildings, hospitals, hotels, etc.
  • Energy officers at Type 1 and Type 2 Designated Energy Management Factories
  • Others engaged in energy conservation activities


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