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METI/ECCJ/AOTS Training Program Indonesia

Audit on Energy Conservation of Factory
Sep. 23 2005
Jiro Konishi Enetech
  • Audit on Energy Conservation of Factory
  • Energy Conservation of Combustion (air ratio and air preheating)
  • Energy conservation case
  • Energy conservation check item(factory, building)
  • ESCO

Audit on Energy Conservation of Factory
(medium-sized factory)
2 Framework of the system
3 Scheme and procedure
4 Check item of factory audit - 1
5 Check item of factory audit - 2
6 Check item of factory audit - 3
7 Check item of factory audit - 4
8 Industry type of the audited factory
9 Audit report
10 Proposal by the audit report - 1
11 Proposal by the audit report - 2
12 Proposed energy conservation rate
13 Energy conservation rate by industrial type
14 Number of audits

Framework of the system
Outline of the system
  • Objects: factories of the scales falling under type 2 designated energy management factory
    - Fuel = 1,500 to 3,000kL/y, electric power = 6 to 12 million kWh/y
  • Audit to be done in response to application by the auditee factory
  • Submission of the preliminary survey sheet on energy audit from the applicant
  • One-day onsite survey by two specialists, one in thermal energy and the other in electric power
  • Analysis of data and sending of the report
  • Energy audit done free of charge (administrationfs budget)
  • Nationwide endeavor (at ECCJ's 9 branches)
  • Items to be entered are standardized and statistical analysis is facilitated.
  • The auditee factory has no obligation to implement the proposals.
  • Questionnaire surveys one year after audit indicate that about 30 percent of the proposals are implemented.
  • Specialists are selected from those who have been registered in ECCJ.
  • The institution and procedure of energy conservation audit are the same as those of the factory energy conservation audit.

Scheme and procedure

Check item of factory audit - 1
1.General administrative matter
  • Energy management system
  • State of implementation of measurement / recording
  • State of facility and equipment maintenance
  • Management of energy consumption
  • Energy unit consumption management for major products
  • Environmental conservation related management
  • Improvement of processes
2.Air conditioning / refrigerating facility
  • Operation management
  • Energy conservation measure
  • Operation management of cooling facilities
  • Operation management of auxiliary facilities
  • Insulation / refrigerating facilities

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