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Training Text MALAYSIA

Japan's International Cooperation for Energy Conservation

January 18, 2005
Yoshitaka Ushio
General Manager, International Engineering Dept.
The Energy Conservation Center, Japan


1. EE & C are Win-Win Approach
2. Japanese ODA (Official Development Assistance)
3. Energy Conservation by ECCJ
4. International Cooperation by ECCJ
4.1 General
4.2 Training Course for EE & C in Japan
4.3 Dispatch of Experts
4.4 Project-type Technical Cooperation (EC Project)

1.EE & C are Win-Win Approach

For the Next Generation;
    • Prevention from the global warming by reduction of CO2 gas originated from fossil fuel
    • sustainability of energy supply

For the Current Generation;
    • Direct Benefit by Energy Cost Reduction
    • Indirect benefit by Energy Security

Primary Energy Intensity (Total Primary Energy Supply per GDP) in The World

(2001 by IEA statistics) Currency rate to US$ as of 1995

2.Official Development Assistance (ODA) by Japan

  • The Policy of the Japanese ODA
  • Budget for Japanese ODA in 2004
  • Major DAC countries ODA

<Back Ground of International Cooperation>
ODA policy of Japanese government

Japan, as the world second largest economy,and the 2nd largest donors(year 2003) of ODA, takes the important responsibility of contributing to development of society and economy and improvement of welfare in developing countries.

ODA policy of Japanese government

Japanese ODA can not only make Japan win the confidence and appreciation from the international communities, but also ensures Japan’s own stability and prosperity by promoting Japan's best interests, including the maintenance of world peace and the importation of resources such as energy, food, and other basic materials.

We should remember that when Japan lay almost in ruins half a century ago just after the last world war, foreign aid helped Japan in order to rebuild and lay the foundations for the present prosperity which Japanese people enjoy today.

<Back Ground of International Cooperation>
Budget for Japanese ODA in FY2004

Rate: \110/US$

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