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METI / ECCJ / ACE Training Program MTPEC06 (2007.01)

<Energy Conservation Promotion & Energy Audit of Factories in Japan>
February 2, 2007

Hideyuki TANAKA
Technical Expert
International Engineering Department, ECCJ

Program lecturer: Self introduction
Name: Hideyuki TANAKA [Age: 66 years old, born in January 3rd 1941]
Technical Expert, International Engineering Dept.,
International Energy and Environment Cooperation Center, ECCJ


Job history:
Mar. 1966 - Acquired the Master Degree of Mechanical Engineering at
Kyusyu University

Apr. 1966 - Entered Kawasaki Steel Co., Mizushima Steel Works
(The iron/steel making company)
Field: (1) Basic and detail engineering for coke oven plant/equipment
and steel-making plant/equipment
(2) Construction management of steel-making equipment in
steel-making plant
Aug. 1987- Transferred to Engineering Division in Head Quarters
Field: Basic and detail engineering, procurement of equipment,
construction supervisor, operation guidance and
commissioning of steel-making equipment in Japan and
foreign countries.
May 2002 - Joined ECCJ as a technical expert (Part-time employee)
In ECCJ, I am working mainly to transfer the energy conservation expertise in Industry to
ASEAN countries under the program of METI, JICA, JETRO and AOTS, etc.

[I] Energy Conservation in the Japanese Industrial Sector
  1. Status of Energy Consumption and Energy Efficiency & Conservation (EE&C) in Japan
  2. Energy Management promotion in Enterprises

1. Status of Energy Consumption and EE&C in Japan
(1) Transition of Final Energy Consumption & GDP
  • Japan's final energy consumption has consistently increased since the mid 1980s.
  • Energy manager system has contributed greatly to carry out the energy conservation in industrial sector.
  • Recently, the government policy is focused in 3 Sectors, not only Industry Sector.

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