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METI / ECCJ / ACE Training Program MTPEC07 (2007.07)

ESCO Business title


National Policy for Energy Connservation and ESCO Project



Trends of Order Amount of Retrofitting Work

ESCO Projects by Sector

ESCO Projects by Type of Contract

Basic Information of ESCO Project

Basic Information of ESCO Project

ESCOs and Clients

Advantages on introducing an ESCO Project for an energy-saving retrofit work

Facilities available for ESCO Projects

Comparison of ESCO Project and Ordinary Energy-saving Retrofitting Project

Contract System of ESCO Project

How to Introduce an ESCO Project

Items for Preliminary Audit

Supportive Measures for Energy    Conservation

Support for introducing energy conservation systems (Subsidy for business

2. Financial Aid

2. Financial Aid2

3. Tax incentives: Tax deduction and special depreciation

6. Implementation Examples

6. Implementation Examples2

6. Implementation Example4

6. Implementation Examples6
6. Implementation Examples7

6. Implementation Examples8
6. Implementation Examples9

6. Implementation Examples10
6. Implementation Examples11

6. Implementation Examples12
6. Implementation Examples13

6. Implementation Examples16
6. Implementation Examples17

6. Implementation Examples18
6. Implementation Examples19

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