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METI / ECCJ / ACE Training Program MTPEC09 (2008.10)

The Promotion of Energy Efficiency and Conservation in Japan

ASEAN Centre for Energy: Background

  • Established on January 1, 1999 as an inter-governmental organisation that is guided by a Governing Council composed of the Senior Officials on Energy of the ASEAN countries.
  • Core funding is provided by an Energy Endowment Fund established from equal contributions of the ten Member Countries and managed by a private fund manager.
  • Took over all the commitments, responsibilities, liabilities, and assets of the 10-year long ASEAN-EC Energy Management Training and Research Centre (AEEMTRC).

Charter of ACE
  • ACE is envisioned to be a catalyst for the economic growth and development of the ASEAN region by initiating, coordinating and facilitating regional as well as joint and collective activities on energy.
  • To realise this vision, the Centre will accelerate the integration of energy strategies within ASEAN by providing relevant information, state-of-the-art technology, and expertise to ensure that over the long-term, necessary energy development policies and programmes are in harmony with the economic growth and the environmental sustainability of the region.

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