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ECCJ / AOTS Philippines training course Philippines

Japan's International Cooperation
for Energy Conservation
June 20, 2005
Hiroshi Shibuya
General Manager, International Engineering Dept.
The Energy Conservation Center, Japan

1. EE & C are Win-Win Approach
2. Japanese ODA (Official Development Assistance)
3. Energy Conservation by ECCJ
4. International Cooperation by ECCJ
    4.1 General
    4.2 JICA Scheme (Assignments)
    4.3 METI Scheme (Subsidies)

1.EE & C are Win-Win Approach
For the Next Generation;
  • Prevention from the global warming by reduction of CO2 gas originated from fossil fuel
  • Sustainability for Energy Security
For the Current Generation;
  • Direct benefit by Energy Saving
  • Indirect benefit by contribution to stable International Energy Price

Principle of Energy Policy in Japan
--- 3‘E’s harmonization ---

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