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Appendix 3-1
Standards for Judgment by Enterprises for Streamlining of Energy Use at Plants and Implementation Businesses

I. Standards on streamlining of energy use
  • Operators of businesses (enterprises) using energy at plants or implementation businesses (plants) shall take appropriate effective action to streamline the total energy use including the use of fuel, heat and electricity use at plants through thorough precise energy management at individual facilities, or individual facility groups or work processes where division into individual facilities is not appropriate, insofar possible technologically and economically and by observing standards below on key facilities at each stage of energy use.

1. Streamlining of fuel combustion
  • (1) Control of fuel combustion
    1. Fuel combustion shall be controlled based on management standards on air ratio implemented based on the facility combustion fuel (combustion facility) and fuel used.
    2. Management standards specified in 1) shall be implemented to minimize the air ratio based on the air ratio values specified in Attachment Table 1 (A).
    3. For multiple combustion facilities, management standards shall be implemented so that thermal efficiency, defined as the proportion of total heat input used to increase the value added of the target object, of combustion facilities as a whole is increased, and the combustion load for individual combustion facilities shall be adjusted accordingly.
    4. For fuel combustion, the particle size, water content, viscosity and other properties shall be appropriately adjusted based on fuel properties to maximize combustion efficiency.

  • (2) Measurement and recording of matters for fuel combustion
    • Management standards shall be implemented for the measuring and recording of details required to determine and improve the fuel feed rate, temperature of exhaust gas generated by combustion, residual oxygen in exhaust gas, and other fuel combustion for individual combustion facilities, and such matters shall be regularly measured and results recorded based on standards.

  • (3) Maintenance and inspection of combustion facilities
    • Management standards shall be implemented for combustion facilities maintenance and inspection, and regular maintenance and inspection shall be conducted and facilities maintained in good condition based on standards.

  • (4) Measures on introduction of new combustion facilities
    1. For new combustion facilities, combustion equipment such as burners shall be suited to the combustion facility and fuel, and shall be adjustable for fuel feed rate and air ratio based on changes in load and combustion conditions.
    2. For new combustion facilities, air-feed equipment shall be adjustable for draft rate and pressure within the combustion chamber.

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