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Energy Manager System
in Japan

Oct.19, 2006
Hiromitsu Souma
The Energy Conservation Center, Japan( ECCJ )

  1. Designated Energy Management Factories
  2. Qualification System of Energy Manager
  3. Supplement

1. Designated Energy Management Factories

Major Amendments of the Law concerning the
Rational Use of Energy (1)

Year Amendment
Items amended
1979 Legislation Designated energy management factories : 3,500 business enterprises.
Designated factories accounted for about 60 percent of energy consumption in the industrial sector.
Appointment of the energy manager was mandatory.
The system of examination for the energy manager was established.
1983 1st amendment Simplification of administrative procedures (entrust qualification system to the private sector) .
The Energy Conservation Center, Japan (ECCJ) was nominated as the designated agent.
–Examination of Qualified Person for Energy Management
–Qualification Course of Qualified Person for Energy Management
1993 2nd amendment Strengthening of implementation of effective energy conservation measures.
–Enforcement of mandatory periodical reporting obligation.

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