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Summary of the actual status of energy consumptions by 9 major companies - Approaches to energy conservation
(New Oji Paper Co., Ltd.) Kimio Murata

     At the Energy Committee of Japan Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry, it has been decided that the members of the Committee (9 companies, which contribute to 55% of the total paper production in Japan) present the actual status of energy consumptions and energy intensities, and report the summary of them publicly.
     So far, it was impossible to know the actual status of energy consumption of other companies. This project has been planned based on the concept that disclosing the actual status of energy consumptions to be used for reference should be helpful to improvement of the energy intensity in the paper and pulp industry.
     I, as a representative of the members, report the summary based on the materials submitted by the companies as below.
     In addition, approaches to energy conservation and our energy management methods are introduced as examples.

1. Energy consumption status and energy intensity (Table 1)
     The consumption by the kind of energy and the consumptions of electric power and vapor in 1994 for each company are listed in the Table 1.
     According to this table, it is found that C heavy oil, coal, utility power, and black liquor are actually used as major energy sources. On the other hand, it can be perceived that the companies have been making efforts to reduce costs through the best mix of energy on the ground that the variety of energy sources such as oil cokes, low grade coal and city gas and the recovery of heat using industrial wastes such as barks and paper sludge are promoted.
     Accordingly, various energy unit consumptions of paper and paperboard are as follows:

Energy Saving Measures (Typical)

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