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Energy Conservation Tuning of Buildings

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: What is Energy Conservation Tuning?
    • Energy conservation tuning flow
  • Chapter 2: Cases of energy conservation tuning
    1. Adjust chilled or hot water outlet temperature
    2. Adjust cooling water temperature of chillers
    3. Adjust room temperature
    4. Reduce volume of outer air intake during air conditioning
    5. Cooling with outer air
    6. Change operation mode of ventilating fans in parking lots
    7. Optimize the quantity of chilled water secondary pumps
    8. Change start-up time of air conditioners (shortening start-up time)
    9. Change air temperature of VAV system air conditioner
    10. Adjust control method of heat source equipment (change start-stop order)
    11. Summary
  • Reference:
    • Example of data analysis
    • Utilizing energy unit consumption management tool

Chapter 1: What is Energy Conservation Tuning?

Energy Conservation Tuning Flow

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