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Important points in each step

  • (Step 1) Set goals of energy conservation

    • - Inform the company’s energy conservation goals to be achieved to all members
        of the company
      - Set clear goals with specific percentage of energy consumption reduction
        and the period in which the goal should be achieved

  • (Step 2) Organize a task force

  • (Step 3) Research on the status of energy consumption

    • - Grasp the status of energy consumption
      - Pinpoint the place of consumption, preferably 80% of total consumption,
        to grasp the status of energy consumption
      - Prepare relevant books and data

  • (Step 4) Check current status of operation

    • - Check setting values of equipment
        Quantity control of heat source equipment/secondary pumps, boiler pressure ratio
        and air ratio, start-up/ stop time of equipment, temperature and humidity around
         air conditioners, etc.
      - Collect operation monitoring data (electricity/gas consumption, status of equipment
        operation, temperature of chilled and hot water, flow volume of chilled and
         hot water, indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity, temperature and humidity
        around air conditioners, air volume, etc.)

 - Data analysis Create charts using the data for the same time, whenever possible. It is necessary to research actual conditions and establish a plan before making quantitative evaluation and implementation of energy conservation measures.

(Step 5) Establish measures of energy conservation (energy conservation tuning)

- Select appropriate items from the energy tuning checklist

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