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METI/ECCJ/AOTS Training Program Indonesia

Energy Conservation Policy & Measuresin Japan
Agency of Natural Resources and Energy (ANRE)
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(METI)

21 September, 2005

Table of Contents
  1. Situations surrounding energy consumption in Japan
    1. Overall status
    2. Transition of energy consumption by sector
  2. Energy conservation measures by sector
    1.Structure of Energy Conservation Promotion in Japan
    2.Framework of Energy Conservation Measures
    1. Energy conservation measures for the industrial sectorccc
    2. Energy conservation measures for the commercial/residential sector
    3. Energy conservation measures for the transportation sector
    4. Development of energy conservation technologies
  3. Reference





I. Situations Surrounding Energy
Consumption in Japan

1-1Overall Status
Transition of Final Energy Consumption (1)
  • Japan's final energy consumption has almost consistently increased except immediately after the two rounds of oil crisis and in the recent economic recession.
  • The ratio of industrial: commercial/residential : transportation uses shifted from 4:1:1 (oil crisis) to 2:1.5:1 (FY2001).

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