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Energy Conservation Law
Designated Energy Management Factories
Feb 20,2007
Mr. Hiroshi Saitoh


1.Basic requirements of the Law concerning the Rational Use of Energy
(1) Purpose of the Law concerning the Rational Use of Energy
○Law concerning the Rational Use of Energy
- Purpose (Article 1)
To take the required measures related to rationalization of energy use concerning factories, transportation, structures, machinery and appliances, and other necessary measures, and so on, for the overall promotion of rationalization of energy use, in order to bring about the effective use of fuel** resources corresponding to the economic and social environments concerning energy*at home and abroad, and thereby contribute to the healthy development of the national economy.

* Energy: Fuel and heat and electricity
** Fuel: Crude oil, gasoline, heavy oil and other petroleum products, flammable natural gas, coal, coke and other coal products, which can be used in combustion (including electricity generation using fuel cells) applications

(2) Fundamental policies concerning energy conservation
●Formulating fundamental policies (Article 3)
- The Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry shall formulate and announce a policy
- A user of energy shall stipulate the necessary measures to be taken and an energy conservation policy, and so on, from the viewpoint of promoting overall energy conservation*.
* Rationalization of energy use
- The fundamental policies shall be formulated taking into account the technological level, and other circumstances (situation regarding popularization, economy, etc.).
- A cabinet decision is necessary when formulating the fundamental policies.
●Existing fundamental policies (notification)
- “Fundamental Policies for Rational Use of Energy”
● March 14, 2006: Cabinet decision made
● March 28, 2006: Notification No. 43 of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
- The fundamental policies shall consist of a basic item (Item 1) to be implemented by enterprises, and a basic item (Item 2) concerning the policy.

1.1 System of the "Law Concerning the Rational Use of Energy"

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