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1.2 Basic Policy Concerning the Rationalization in Energy Use
Those who perform businesses using energy in plants shall strive to improve the energy unit consumption by implementing the following items.
  1. Adoption of facilities with a high efficiency of energy consumption
  2. Renewal/improvement of existing facilities and introduction of additional facilities in light of energy consumption efficiency
  3. Setting of management standards on operation, maintenance/inspection, and other items for energy-consuming facilities and implementation of management in conformity with the standards
  4. Enhancement of the comprehensive energy management system in plants
  5. Effective use of excess energy in the areas except plants

1.3 System of the "Law Concerning the Rational Use of Energy"

2.1 Designated Energy Management Factory
under the Energy Conservation Law
(A) Energy Manager
(B) Energy Management Officer

2.2 The combination pattern of Designated
Energy Management Factory (as of 31 March 2002)

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