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The Effectiveness of Idling Stop 2

On Effective Idling Stop Time

Since the length of time waiting for traffic lights to change of 5 seconds or less is rare, there are no substantive limitations.

The Effectiveness of Smart Drive (Eco-drive)- 1
Elements of Energy Conserving Driving Methods

Traffic and road Traffic and road status
Avoid traffic congestion
of driving
Upon starting
Be sure to avoid warm up driving to the extent possible
Plan the drive
While driving
Be sure to avoid sudden acceleration or deceleration
Condition of the automobile
Select light automobiles
Select automobiles with superior mileage features
Always drive at a uniform speed
Status of the automobile
Always maintain the automobile well Always implement inertial driving
Do not load unnecessary luggage
Remove roof carriers and other such equipment
Ensure that the tire pressure is appropriate
Always use the engine brake
Always implement idling stop

The Effectiveness of Smart Drive (Eco-drive)- 2

The effectiveness of energy conservation type of driving: Lessons on energy conservation type driving show results

The Energy Conservation Center, Japan

Automobile Tax

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