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Energy Conservation Policy & Measures in Japan
29 August, 2005
Hiroyasu MORITA

Agency of Natural Resources and Energy (ANRE)
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(METI)

I. Situations Surrounding Energy Consumption in Japan
I-1 Overall Status

Principle of Japan's Energy Policy
3 'E's Harmonization
3 'E's Harmonization

Transition of Final Energy Consumption
  • Japan's final energy consumption has almost consistently increased except immediately after the two rounds of oil crisis and in the recent economic recession.
  • The ratio of industrial: commercial/residential : transportation uses shifted from 4:1:1 (oil crisis) to 2:1.5:1 (FY2001).

Transition of Japanfs final energy consumption and real GDP

(Source) General energy statistics, ANNUAL REPORT ON NATIONAL ACCOUNTS
(Note) Note that the figures for FY1990 onwards have been summarized in a different method than those applied to figures for preceding years due to a change in summarization method for general energy statistics.

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