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Breakdown of Residential Energy Consumption by Purpose

Source: EDMC Handbook of Energy & Economic Statistics in Japan, 2006

Trends in Per-Household Energy Consumption
and the Number of Households
  • Energy consumption in the residential sector has made a steady increase due to changes in the social structure (e.g. increase in the number of households lifestyle changes, and other factors), despite energy efficiency improvements of appliances.

Source: Compiled by the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy based on Energy Balance Tables in Japan and Statistics of Population

Ownership of Main Durable Consumer Goods
  • The ownership of household electrical appliances, etc. has been increasing, and ownership rates for television sets and air conditioners now stand at 2.5 units per household.

Improvement of Equipment Energy Efficiency - Examples
  • The energy efficiency of electrical/electronic equipment has markedly improved.
Trends in energy performance of
CRT TVs (21 inch)
Trends in energy performance of air conditioners
Reverse cycle, cooling capacity 2.8 kW class

Source: Survey by Japan Electronics and Information Technology Institutes Association Source: Standards of Japan Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association

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