Inplementation of the training program for Energy Conservation Support Project for China

Inplementation of the training program for Energy Conservation Support Project for China

Under the instruction and financial support of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), the Energy Conservation Center, Japan (ECCJ) has been implementing support activities by dispatching the experts and inviting trainees to the seminar in Japan for promotion of energy conservation in China. As part of the activities, the ECCJ held training in Japan from November 7 to 10, 2017 based on the following topics.

(1) Energy conservation technologies and energy management in the building sector and the steel sector.

(2) Sharing and discussion of useful information for the energy conservation policies and revision of the Energy Conservation Act.
It was participated by 8 Chinese people, including 5 from the National Energy Conservation Center of China, and 3 from the provincial governments.


Lectures and Q&As




On “sharing of information for the energy conservation policies and the Energy Conservation Act”, the Japanese side presented the evaluation of business operators based on the Energy Conservation Act, and the new Building Energy Conservation Act, while information including the model trial of on-line monitoring were presented by the Chinese side. Those information were shared and discussed. Also the Japanese side lectured on energy conservation promotion measures for the small and medium sized enterprises using energy conservation audits and platforms.

Visiting an energy conservation building and explaining its energy conservation measures






On the building sector, the energy conservation standards and benchmarking were lectured and discussed, and on the steel sector, the recent energy conservation activities in the Japanese steel industry, and trend of the energy conservation technologies in the Japanese steel sector were lectured and discussed.
During the invitation period, the participants visited two business establishments in Japan, and observed and received explanations on energy management, energy conservation tuning, and plastic recycling, also were provided with information for improving an energy management level.