Service of AEEC

1. Gateway Function

Contact window  (a last-resort) for anybody regarding any kind of EE&C related inquiries to work out the first-aid solution

2. Networking Function

Providing prompt services based on a broad and in-depth  network with various organizations that ECCJ has in the world including cooperation with JASE-World

3. Dissemination Function

Collecting  EE&C related information to disseminate to relevant countries in terms of  introductions of laws and policies succeeded  in Japan, including the introduction of  EE&C best practices in the area of  buildings and factories, etc.

AEEC was founded in 2007 to provide one-stop window service for various inquiries concerning EE&C  in order to contribute to the promotion of effective use of energy in Asian countries through information sharing.

Our aim is to provide one stop solution  to the  EE&C  problems and issues at one point of contact.