1. Legal framework for improvement of energy efficiency and conservation

(1) Law
A. Energy Efficiency Opportunities Act (Enforcement in July 2006) Now Ceased.

(2) Regulatory Measures
1) Regulatory Measures based on the law
A. Appliance Energy Efficiency
B. Building Energy Efficiency

2) Other regulatory measures
A. The Equipment Energy Efficiency Program (E3 Program) {updated in October 2012}
B. Other Information on Energy Efficiency

(3) National plan for promoting energy efficiency and conservation
A. National Energy Productivity Plan


2. Financial measures taken by the government

(1) Tax scheme
(2) Low-interest loan
(3) Subsidies and budgetary measures
A. Energy Efficiency Grant Programmes
(4) Budgetary measures space


3. Energy prices


4. Others

(those efforts that are made by various foreign countries, international organizations, local governments, private sectors, etc., and that have effects to promote energy conservation in one’s own country)
A. The IEA Energy Efficiency Policy and Measures database


5. Contact

Department of Industry and Science