1. Legal framework for improvement of energy efficiency and conservation

(1) Law
A. Energy Law No.30/2007 (Enactment in August 2007)

(2) Regulatory Measures
1) Regulatory Measures based on the law
A. To emphasize that energy conservation effort is responsibility of central government, local government, entrepreneur and society
B. To conduct energy conservation in every stage of energy processing (upstream and downstream)
C. To provide incentive and disincentive for energy producer and efficient appliance producer who have implemented energy conservation

2) Other regulatory measures

(3) National plan for promoting energy efficiency and conservation
A. National Master Plan for Energy Conservation: RIKEN 1995 and RIKEN 2005
B. National Energy Policy (Presidential Decree No.5/2006)
C. Blueprint of National Energy Management (2005-2025)


2. Financial measures taken by the government

(1) Tax scheme
(2) Low-interest loan
(3) Subsidies and budgetary measures


3. Energy prices

Energy prices are basically controlled by government and usually subsidized.


4. Others

(those efforts that are made by various foreign countries, international organizations, local governments, private sectors, etc., and that have effects to promote energy conservation in one’s own country)

A. Japan’s energy conservation support
・with ASEAN Center for Energy and ECCJ in PROMEEC (Promotion of Energy Efficiency and Conservation) Project (2001- now)
・International energy consumption efficiency model project
・Training programs in Japan on energy efficiency and conservation
・Dispatch of energy conservation experts
・Introduction of energy conservation system for industrial sector in East Jawa
・Study on Energy Conservation and Efficiency Improvement in the Republic of Indonesia supported by JICA

B Cooperation with Denmark on Environmental Support Program phase 2 (component 2 i.e. Energy Efficiency in Construction & Use of Large Buildings)

C. Cooperation with UNIDO in Promoting Energy Efficiency in Industries through System Optimization & Energy Management Standards

D. Asia Regional Cooperation with UNDP in Barrier Removal to the Cost-Effective Development and
Implementation of Energy Efficiency Standards & Labeling (BRESL)