1. Legal framework for improvement of energy efficiency and conservation

(1) Law

(2) Regulatory Measures
1) Regulatory Measures based on the law

2) Other regulatory measures
A. In 2001, the government has issued the decree on public saving.

(3) National plan for promoting energy efficiency and conservation
A. The Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) is drafting a decree on Energy Efficiency and Conservation.
B. Proposing to establish the new MEM’s department responsible for renewable energy and energy efficiency and conservation.
C. Proposing energy conservation measures in the state’s buildings.


2. Financial measures taken by the government

(1) Tax scheme

(2) Low-interest loan

(3) Subsidies and budgetary measures
The government is considering to issue a decree or measures to save and reduce the annual budget expenditure in the government organizations.

3. Energy prices


4. Others

(those efforts that are made by various foreign countries, international organizations, local governments, private sectors, etc., and that have effects to promote energy conservation in one’s own country)
A. Japan’s energy conservation support
ASEAN Energy Management System : PROMEEC (Promotion of Energy Efficiency and Conservation) Project (2001-)
MEM has been actively participating the PROMEEC since 2001. Under this project, more than 10 seminar-workshops and on-the job trainings on energy auditing have been successfully organized for the state and private officials to disseminate the best practice and experiences on energy efficiency and conservation from Japan and ASEAN member nations;

B. The Demand Side Management and Energy Efficiency Cell has been established in Electricite du Laos, the state owned electric generation, transmission and distribution utility, to carry out the World Bank-funded project to save electricity primarily targeting the Government offices. Under this project, four state’s buildings in Vientiane Capital have been chosen as the pilot ones to implement energy conservation activities.

C. There are daily advertisements on the mass media to save energy.