EMAK9 workshop: Disseminating and showcasing Energy Management System (EnMS) and Best Practices in Energy Efficiency and Conservation (EE&C)




The EMAK9 workshop facilitated best practice exchanges on energy management systems and energy conservation among policy makers and energy managers on the theme of ‘Sharing energy management know-how and good practices’. Read the outcomes of the workshop in the EMAK9 report here

The workshop built on the success of last year’s EMAK8 workshop in Jakarta, Indonesia, which examined ‘Recognised energy management best practices and award programs for best practices’ (see report here). To find out more about EMAK’s previous workshops, click here.



  • To support the improvement of energy management systems in the industrial and commercial sectors;
  • Disseminate information on best practices in energy efficiency and energy savings, and;
  • Contribute to the overall propagation of knowledge towards energy management best practices.


A recap of the workshop…

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Opening and Keynote Address

Opening remarks by CNI
Rodrigo Sarmento Garcia, Industrial Policy Specialist, CNI, Brazil

Welcome and opening remarks MDIC
Mr. Gustavo Saboia Fontenele e Silva, MDIC, Brazil

Opening remarks by IPEEC
Benoit Lebot, Executive Director, IPEEC

Keynote 1: Purpose of EMAK 9 Effectiveness of EM Experienced in Japan for EC Promotion
Mr. Masaomi Koyama, Director, METI, Japan
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Keynote 2:  Importance of EM for EC Promotion in Brazil and Consideration of EM in EC Policy
Mr. Carlos Alexandre Prìncipe Pires, Director, MME, Brazil

Guest introduction and photo session 


Session – 1 : Showcases Established in Brazil Showcases of Best Practices in Energy Management System (EnMS) and in Energy Conservation (EC) to Disseminate. Chaired by Mr. Gustavo Saboia Fontenele e Silva, MDIC

S1-1 Outline and Summary of Outcomes of the “Japan-Brazil Cooperation Project”
Mr. Kazuhiko Yoshida, Technical Consulting Adviser, ECCJ
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S1-2 Energy Management System and Energy Conservation Initiatives – General Motors
Ms. Glaucia Sella Roveri dos Santos, Regional Energy Manager – General Motors South
America, General Motors do Brasil

S1-3 Established Public and Private Networks (B+P EE)
Mr. Gustavo Saboia Fontenele e Silva, General Coordinator, MDIC

S1-4 Alliance Program  CNI’s Initiative to Promote EE in Large Industry
Mr. Rodrigo Sarmento Garcia, Industrial Policy Specialist, CNI

S1-5 PROCEL National Program of Electrical EE
Mr. Carlos Alexandre Prìncipe Pires , Director, MME

S1-6 Questions and answers


Session – 2 : Successful Cases in Japan and in Foreign Countries Advanced EnMS: Systematic Energy Management Practice and Implementation of EC Measures including Effective EC Technologies (Chaired by Mr. Masaomi Koyama, METI / Co-chaired by Mr. Yoshihiro Kawaguchi, ECCJ)

S2-1 High Efficiency Products with Central Management as a Key Solution to Achieve Lowest Power
Mr. Leandro Moraes Lourenço, Product Engineering Manager, Daikin McQuay Ar Conditionado Brasil Ltda.

S2-2 Energy Management System for Factory FEMS and Building BEMS
Mr. Koji Miyashita, President, Mitsubishi Electric do Brasil

S2-3 Energy Efficiency Continuous Improvement activity based on Toyota Way and Toyota Production
Mr. Dário Masahiko Yanagita, Department Chief, Toyota do Brasil Ltda.

S2-4 CMPC Energy Management System EnMS and Best Practices
Mr. Marin De La Fuente Carlos, Chief Electrical Efficiency, CMPC Pulp S.A., Chile


Session – 3 : Panel Discussion and Wrap-up (Speakers / Representatives) Direction of Cooperation with Japan to Promote EC by Establishing EnMS (Chaired by Mr. Kazuhiko Yoshida, ECCJ)

S3-1 Panel discussion Speakers and Representatives of Government / Private Sector

Panel discussion
Part 2

Pannel discussion and wrap-up
Click here to access the presentation by Mr. Kazuhiko Yoshida

Closing remarks by Mr. Masaomi Koyama, Director, METI, Japan; Mr. Carlos Alexandre Prìncipe Pires , Director, MME, Brazil and Mr. Igor Calvet, Secretary, MDIC, Brazil