Energy Audit Program

Energy Audit Program by ECCJ


Several audit experts make an interview with the persons in charge of the management standards for the factory or building which is going to have an energy audit. Then, they make an on-site survey how the facilities in the factory or building are operated. After the survey, they draw up a list of areas where remedies are needed and give advice for energy saving potential and needed actions. This energy audit program is conducted free of charge by the Energy Conservation Center Japan (ECCJ).

Focusing on small and medium enterprises, the ECCJ has annually audited approx.1,000 cases from FY2004 as a subsidized project of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, totaling approx.11,000 audit cases to date (equivalent to cumulative oil reduction of approx. 450,000 kl/year).
Conducting tuning and energy management audits from FY2014.