Energy Star Program

What is the International ENERGY STAR Program?

The International ENERGY STAR Program is an international energy conservation system for office equipment. Regarding the electricity consumption when products are operating, sleeping, and have been switched off, standards are set so that the top 25% of products having outstanding energy conservation performances are in compliance, and products complying with the standards are allowed to use the “International ENERGY STAR logo” described at right. Please confirm the logo on the products themselves, in the related brochures and instruction manuals, and on the websites.


This is an international energy conservation system for protecting the global environment.

The International ENERGY STAR Program is based on an agreement between Japan and the US governments, and has been implemented since October 1995. Currently, regions and countries including Europe (EFTA), Switzerland (SFOE), Canada, and Taiwan are also participating in the program, and its activities have spread throughout the world’s countries and regions.


The program consists of an optional registration system.

Manufacturers or sales business operators wishing to participate in the system register as business operators. Following this, the business operator itself or a thirdparty institution confirms that the subject products have satisfied the standards. By submitting notification, business operators are able to show the International ENERGY STAR logo on their products and in documentation. Business operator registration application documents and product notification documents are submitted to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Products which comply with the standards in this program and have had notifications submitted are published on the International ENERGY STAR Program website.


Target products
Computers / Displays / Printers / Facsimiles / Copiers / Scanners / Multifunction devices / Digital printers / Enterprise servers

Notice from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (April 2012)

Application of the International ENERGY STAR Program in Japan

Regarding the matter of marking, although notification was made on July 29, 2011, notice is hereby given that as a result of negotiations held with the US Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) in March 2012 it was decided to continue with the self-certification system within Japan. Applications relating to products intended for the Japanese market will continue to be accepted by the Agency of Natural Resources and Energy.


Following the changes made this time, care will be required regarding the following three points.

1. Mutual certification has been discontinued between countries continuing to use a self-certification system and countries changing to a third-party certification system. Regarding products intended for the US and Canada, which changed to a third-party certification system, registration cannot be implemented in Japan. Please register directly to the EPA.


2. Additionally, following the discontinuation of the mutual certification, it is requested that business operators which previously sold products in Japan with ENERGY STAR logos attached based on mutual certification with the US without registering to the Agency of Natural Resources and Energy are now required to register as business operators to the Agency of Natural Resources and Energy.


3. For products intended for introduction to countries that have adopted a third-party certification system, business operators wishing to publish the products on the database of the International ENERGY STAR Program website managed by the Agency of Natural Resources and Energy should submit the product notifications attaching the documentation (including data) from the concerned country’s ENERGY STAR Program implementing institution proving that certification has been obtained.