Final Reports on the Top Runner Target Product Standards

These are preliminary translations of Final Reports. The dates represent the time when Final Reports were developed by Energy Efficiency Standards Subcommittee of the Advisory Committee for Natural Resources and Energy.

Air Conditioners


Dec. 1998 Air Conditioners
Jul. 2006 Air Conditioners (cooling & heating for home-use, wall-hung & non-ducted type, cooling capacity of 4.0 kW or below)
Apr. 2008 Air Conditioners (for home-use and for commercial-use ACs)

Passenger & Freight Vehicles


Dec. 1998 Passenger & Freight Vehicles (gasoline/diesel passenger vehicles & gasoline/diesel freight vehicles weighing 2.5t or below)
Apr. 2003 Passenger Vehicles (LPG passenger vehicles)
Nov. 2005 Heavy Vehicles (diesel passenger & freight vehicles weighing over 3.5t)
Mar. 2007 Passenger & Freight Vehicles (gasoline/diesel passenger & freight vehicles weighing 3.5t or below)
Dec. 2011 Passenger Vehicles (gasoline/diesel/LPG passenger vehicles weighing 3.5t or below)

Copying Machines, Printers, Multifunction Devices



Dec. 1998 Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures
Dec. 2008 Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures
Jul. 2009 Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Television Sets, Video Cassette Recorders, DVD Recorders


Dec. 1998 CRT TV sets & VCRs
Jun. 2005 CRT/LCD/Plasma TV sets, VCRs, DVD Recorders
Jun. 2007 DVD Recorders (with digital tuners)
Jul. 2009 CRT/LCD/Plasma TV sets

Computers, Magnetic Disk Units


Dec. 1998 Computers & Magnetic Disk Units
Apr. 2003 Computers & Magnetic Disk Units
Dec. 2009 Computers & Magnetic Disk Units

Electric Refrigerators & Freezers


Jun. 1999 Electric Refrigerators & Freezers
Jul. 2006 Electric Refrigerators & Freezers
Jan. 2011 Commercial Electric Refrigerators & Freezers

Electric Toilet Seats

Apr. 2002 Electric Toilet Seats
Jun. 2007 Electric Toilet Seats

Vending Machines

Apr. 2002 Vending Machines
Jun. 2007 Vending Machines


Apr. 2002 Transformers *Summary Only
Dec. 2011 Transformers

Electric Rice Cookers

Microwave Ovens

Nov. 2005 Microwave Ovens

Routers & Switches

Heat Pump Water Heater

Three-phase induction motor

Luminaires (bulb-type LED)