ECCJ held the 11th Energy Management Action Network Workshop(EMAK11) in Singapore

ECCJ held the 11th Energy Management Action Network Workshop(EMAK11) in Singapore

EMAK was established in 2009; it has been led by Japan since and a part of the Energy Efficiency Hub activities of the IEA Secretariat, is a network for information sharing and exchange on energy efficiency and conservation policies.

The theme of this workshop is ‘Transitions towards Net-Zero Energy Building’. It aims to highlight policies related to energy efficiency and conservation in the buildings sector and best practices on realistic energy-efficient buildings including step-by-step approach to building and renovating net-zero energy buildings and to provide a networking opportunity to participants from public and private sectors.

In addition to the Singapore and Japan, ASEAN, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, China and Germany provided the presentation. Almost 100 participants both in person and through online joined the workshop including honorable guests Mr. Takuya Nakanishi, First Secretary, Embassy of Japan in Singapore, Mr. Yasuhiro Taniuchi, President of Construction and Real Estate Sub-Committee, Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Singapore, and Mr. Satoshi Oyama, Deputy Managing Director of JETRO Singapore.

Photo session at Singapore venue(All presenters, Guests, Moderators)

Following opening remarks from Ms. Kristina Klimovich, Programme Officer, Energy Efficiency Hub and Mr. Masashi Hoshino, Director, International Affairs Office, ANRE, METI, Japan, keynote speech were provided from academia of Singapore, Dr. Clayton Carl Miller, and Japan, Dr. Masayuki Ichinose.

Session 1 was entitled ‘Effective Policy Packages for Sustainable and Energy Efficient Building – Pathway to net ZERO Energy Building -‘ and featured presentations from Japan, Canada, ASEAN, and Australia on effective policy packages.
Session 2 was entitled ‘The Best Practice examples towards net ZERO carbon goals in the building sector’, with presentations from Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan and Germany on best practices for realistic energy efficient buildings.
Session 3 was a panel discussion entitled ‘Promotion of EE&C towards achievement of Net-Zero Energy Building’.
Closing remarks were made by Mr. Jonathan Goh, Director of External Relations, Energy Market Authority, Singapore and Mr. Masashi Hoshino from METI, Japan.

A productive question and answer session was held, and it was possible to share knowledge and experiences relating to methods for realizing energy efficiency in the building sector. In this successful workshop, the public and private sectors were able to form a network on ZEB.

Presented by Ms. Kristina Klimovich

QA scenery

Panel Discussion

Networking scenery