ー 2009 ー Energy Conservation Excellent Examples

Fiscal 2009

These excellent examples are categorized into three groups:
Category A : Based on small group activities implemented in factories.
Category B : Based on the technological study developed by engineers in factories.
Category C : At office buildings, hospitals, and schools except industrial sector.

2009 Grand prize of Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry

Denso Corporation
Category A
Realized 50% Reduction in Energy by [Own Development of Manufacturing Technology] and [Entire Company/Exhaustive Activity]

Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.
Category A
Development of Highly Efficient Operation Method for Ultra Low Sulfur Gas Oil

Category C
Realization of “Visualization” of Power Consumption by Municipal Schools and Energy-saving Education Activity

2009 Prize of Director General of Agency for Natural Resources and Energy

Category A
Reduction in Steam Leaks from 100,000 Steam Traps

Category C
Local Public Hospital Challenges Energy-saving Activity

Category A
Voluntary energy-saving Audits for small-middle firms by the association of local companies