Implementation of Energy Conservation support project for Indonesia

Implementation of Energy Conservation support project for Indonesia

Under the instruction and financial support of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), the Energy Conservation Center, Japan (ECCJ) implemented the following activities for promoting energy conservation in Indonesia during the period from February 2017 until the present (June 2017).

(1) Communicaion of model energy management systems developed in seven cooperating factories and one group company in four energy-intensive industries and excellent cases of effective energy conservation in the improvement activities.

(2) Improvement of energy management rules by the Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources, and investigation and proposal formulation relating to the design of energy conservation promotion supporting systems in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance.

(3) Formation of ESCO pilot projects useful for improving the skills of workers in charge of tasks related to energy conservation derived from (1).


Result communication seminar held in Semarang in Central Java Province (February 2017): Participants


Local activities (June 2017):
Discussions held with related members of government agencies and industry groups to realize improvements in communication measures based on the continued energy management activities of cooperating companies


ECCJ had been working on building a model for the energy management system (EnMS) which incorporates P-D-C-A cycles based on ISO 50001, in cooperation with the Indonesian Ministry of Industry and together with eight cooperating companies in the four industries consisting of steel, paper, fibers, and cement. Actions were taken to communicate the results of the model building, and ECCJ gave advice and guidance to this end.

In February, related members of government agencies as well as representatives of academic institutions and related industrial groups gathered in Semarang in Central Java province to hold the first seminar to communicate the results of building energy management systems in factories and group companies in energy-intensive industries and energy conservation cases as the start of communication activities.

At the Ministry of Industry in June, ECCJ received reports concerning continued EnMS activities from four factories and one group company out of the cooperating companies, and offered advice relating to FY2017 activities.

In the reporting from the cooperating companies at the Ministry of Industry, representatives of cement and fiber industry groups also attended to discuss and exchange opinions regarding the utilization of communication reports prepared by the cooperating companies and the application of energy conservation guidelines (advice for the introduction of (2) to the energy management regulations) used for applying the know-how on energy conservation measures obtained from the EnMSbuilding activities in the cooperating factories.