Presentation of TOP TENs project-related lecture at ENEX2020

Presentation of TOP TENs project-related lecture at ENEX2020

The Energy Conservation Center, Japan (ECCJ) gave a lecture relating to the TOP TENs Project which it has been implementing under the instruction and financial support of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) at the Energy and Environment Exhibition (ENEX) held in January 2020.


Views of the presentation given by ECCJ

1. TOP TENs-related lecture given at the METI booth

Topic: International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation (IPEEC) Energy Conservation TOP TENs – Developing the Japanese Energy Conservation Grand Prize Globally

2. Overview
The TOP TENs project is one of the programs that was operated by the former IPEEC (which was discontinued in December 2019) under a collaboration with the G20‘s EELP (The Energy Efficiency Leading Program). The 1st round of the International TOP TENs List was selected and announced in 2016. Selection of the 2nd round List was completed in March 2019 and was announced at the G20 Global Summit on Financing Energy Efficiency, Innovation and Clean Technology held in Japan in June 2019. The 3rd round of the International List will be selected after 2020.
Regarding how to select appropriately the International TOP TENs under these circumstances, the lecture given this time attempted to make a proposal based on the experiences gained by ECCJ in administering the Energy Conservation Grand Prize Awards in Japan and the support it has provided for the ASEAN Energy Awards.

Following two key points were presented.
1) To establish scoring standards to be used easily for the application and evaluation.
2) To develop the effective and efficient methodologies when selecting the International Lists from Domestic Lists.
With regard to these issues, it was considered how to make best use of the features of the Japanese Energy Conservation Grand Prize Awards and the ASEAN Energy Awards and the know-how that ECCJ has accumulated relating to these awards. The objective is to develop International TOP TENs constantly with an increasing number of participating countries and the number of applications and a system for promoting dissemination of the selected cases.