ECCJ held AJEEP Scheme 4 (ECAP30) invited training in Japan

ECCJ held AJEEP Scheme 4 (ECAP30) invited training in Japan

<Training program>
Under the instruction and financial support of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy (ANRE), the Energy Conservation Center, Japan (ECCJ) has been implementing the AJEEP Scheme 4 multilateral energy conservation cooperation project with ASEAN countries which also continued in FY2023. In the current fiscal year, in order to hold detailed discussions, etc. regarding the SAEMAS Common Standard Module (CSM), three visits were made to five ASEAN countries which are advancing their certified energy manager systems. This was followed by holding the ECAP30 invited training in Japan during the five-day period from November 6 to 10 in a face-to-face format.


1. Schedule: Monday, November 6 to Friday, November 10, 2023

2. Trainees: Total of nine persons from eight ASEAN countries (excluding Brunei and Myanmar) and from the ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE). Some participants took part online.

3. Instructors: One person from METI, 7 persons from ECCJ, one person from ACE

4. Objective of the training: In October, visits were made to five ASEAN countries that are advancing their certified energy manager systems, which are required for establishing the SAEMAS CSM in the AJEEP Scheme 4 program. After confirming the details and based on the results of the discussions held, SAEMAS Working Group members from each ASEAN country are invited to Japan in order to share and discuss the overall configuration of SAEMAS.

5. Training schedule:
(1) Monday, November 6: Keynote lectures given by representatives of METI, ECCJ and ACE, reporting of the energy manager systems in each of the participating countries, and comparisons and analyses of each country
(2) Tuesday, November 7: Detailed explanations and discussions regarding the CSM contents, and comparisons and analyses with each country’s energy manager training modules
(3) Wednesday, November 8: Group discussions and reporting related to the CSM operation, and visit to a company taking carbon neutrality measures (Company S)
(4) Thursday, November 9: Overview of Advanced Module (AM) configuration and breakdown, and visit to a company taking carbon neutrality measures (Company D)
(5) Friday, November 10: Introduction to and discussions of MRA Guidelines, and explanation of Scheme 4 scheduled activities going forward
6. Outline of results:
(1) Based on the confirmations of the certified energy manager systems and training contents in each country, basic understanding was obtained regarding the comparisons with the CSM and the supplementary plans for handling the differences.
(2) Group discussions were actively held relating to the CSM operation, issues were identified, and various types of proposals were made to develop the basis for the arrangements going forward.
(3) Lively discussions were held relating to the AM structural elements and the MRA Guidelines, and awareness of them was shared.
(4) In the Scheme 4 program, it is planned to hold online workshops in January and February next year. The various points and issues discussed this time will be classified and preparations will be made.

AJEEP: ASEAN-Japan Energy Efficiency Partnership
SAEMAS: Sustainable ASEAN Energy Manager Certification Scheme
CSM: Common Standard Module
MRA: Mutual Recognition Arrangement