ー 2004 ー Energy Conservation Excellent Examples

Fiscal 2004

These excellent examples are categorized into three groups:
Category A : Based on small group activities implemented in factories.
Category B : Based on the technological study developed by engineers in factories.
Category C : At office buildings, hospitals, and schools except industrial sector.

2004 Prize of Director General of Agency for Natural Resources and Energy

Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.
Category A
Energy Conservation of Hydrogen Manufacturing Equipment By Effectively Utilizing Components of Nearby Business Establishments

Category B
Reduction of factory air by using blowers for air blow


2004 Prize of Director General of Agency for Natural Resources and Energy

Hino Motors Ltd.
Category A
Project X: “Challenge to attain zero standby power”

Asahi Breweries, Ltd.
Category A
Challenge of Reducing Energy Unit Consumption by Half at the Brewery

Aisin Seiki Co. Ltd.
Category A
Challenge to develop ultimate ultra-small energy holding furnace


2004 Prize of Director-General of Regional Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry

Fuji Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Category B
Development of an energy-efficient parts-washing system

Toyota Motor Corporation
Category A
Energy conservation activities tackled by entire company, though optimization of air-conditioning operation control

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Category A
Reduction in Energy Intensity of Production Facilities by Utilizing Energy Management System

Oji Paper Co., Ltd.
Category A
Efforts to Overcome the Limits – Energy Conservation in the Recycled Pulp Manufacturing Facilities


2004 Prize of the Chairman of ECCJ

Sumitomo Metal Industries Ltd.
Category A
Reduction of the electric power consumption rate by reviewing the rotation speed of the induced draft fan for the converter

Fuji Oil Company Ltd
Category A
Steam Loss Reduction by Establishing Steam Trap Inspection and Replacement Criteria

ANA Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd
Category C
Introduction of BEMS and Measures to Save Energy by Operational Improvement by ANA Hotel Tokyo

Category A
Energy Conservation of Hydraulic Pumps with Pressure Interlocked Inverter Control System

Aisin AW Co., Ltd.
Category B
Introduction of High-efficiency Energy System Utilizing Gas Turbine Combined System

Denso Corporation
Category A
Energy Conservation Activity Being Particular about Actual Place and Stuff “Normal for Manufacturers v.s. Normal for Me”

Kirin Brewery Company, Limited
Category A
Efforts to Reduce Electrical Energy of Effluent Treatment Blower and Brine Chillers

Category A
Energy Conservation Activities for Factory by Recovering and Reusing Hot Water Waste Heat of Cogeneration System