ー 2005 ー Energy Conservation Excellent Examples

Fiscal 2005

These excellent examples are categorized into three groups:
Category A : Based on small group activities implemented in factories.
Category B : Based on the technological study developed by engineers in factories.
Category C : At office buildings, hospitals, and schools except industrial sector.

2005 Grand prize of Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry

Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.
Category A
Realization of Energy Conservation in Oil Refining Process/Drastic Overhaul of Fuel Oil Desulfurization Unit Implemented by Our Company


2005 Prize of Director General of Agency for Natural Resources and Energy

CIMX Corporation
Category B
Reduction of unnecessary power consumption by a power consumption identification and measurements

Matsue Inland Industrial Complex Cooperatives
Category A
Knowledge and Cooperation of 21 Small-and-Medium-Sized Companies Energy Conservation Activity which Brought More Fruits than Expected


2005 Prize of Director-General of Regional Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry

Sendai City Gas Bureau
Category A
Reduction of electricity consumption by information sharing

Nippon Chutetsukan KK
Category A
Aiming to become an earth-friendly plant

Category A
Energy conservation activities for utility equipment of semi conductor assembly factory

Komatsu Seiren Co., Ltd.
Category A
Innovative Energy Conservation at Dye Works

Kobe Steel, Ltd.
Category A
Grassroots Electric Power Conservation Activities for Metal Rolling


2005 Prize of the Chairman of ECCJ

Toyota Motor Hokkaido, Inc.
Category A
Energy Conservation through JIT (Just-In-Time) Operation of Air-Conditioning Units

Hoku Netsu Corporation
Category A
Energy Conservation Activities Worked by All Members of the Energy Center

ASMO Co., Ltd.
Category A
The Ultimate Energy Conservation Line I made

Suzuki Motor Corporation
Category A
Energy Conservation by Lowering Temperature as Body Coating Condition

Nippon Petroleum Refining Co., Ltd.
Category B
Energy conservation by optimizing operation of power facilities

Nissan Motor Co.
Category A
Activity to reduce unit consumption by compressed air supply boundlessly in sync with production

Toyota Motor Corporation
Category A
Challenge to Make Energy Loss “Zero” by Using Knowledge and Ideas of Everybody

Suntory Holdings Limited
Category A
Energy Conservation by Improving Chilling System and Introducing Gas Engine Cogeneration System

JCR Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.
Category A
Challenge to Reduce Energy Conservation Intensity by a Pharmaceutical Plant

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Category A
Challenging Ourselves to be the Top Runner of Factory Energy Conservation, Part II

Shikoku Electric Power Co., Inc.
Category A
Energy Conservation Activities of Tachibana-wan Thermal Power Station

NEC Semiconductor Package Solutions Co., Ltd.
Category A
Reduction of Standby Electricity Corresponding to Production Change